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The NEW website is up: Kingdom of Heaven Dominion International http://kingdomofheavendominion.org, the old website Prophetic Insight’s Blog is coming down. All the article on the previous website has been transferred to the new site. We are able to do more and expand the web ministry on the new site. We are hoping you will take the time and look over the website. We would appreciate your opinions and comments.

All of the old article and the new one focusing on the Kingdom of God.

Audios and Videos
Now you can hear and see many of the messages and some will be downloadable.

Online School of Prayer

Now you will have a connection the Online School of Prayer, that will teach you to grow and developed into the word of God and have a new and fresh relationship with your Father God.

The Prayer Room
A place where your prayer request is taken before the throne of God, and through the use of technology, we will record our prayers for you and send it to you in an MP3 format. (Your email must be MP3 capable.)

Kingdom Pictures Gallery

You can enjoy seeing many different posts, and Christian artist displaying their talents.

The Book Room (under construction)
Now you can read our books and brochures in an ebook format, that will be downloadable to your e-reader. This is still under construction and be will be up in the next few weeks.

I know that this website will be a blessing to you and your family. Be sure to tell you friends and love one about the our new website.

Kingdom Blessings
Ronald H. Flowers


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